Yolanda Joe




The Hatwearer's Lesson

Hatwearer's Lesson, The 
ISBN: 0452284872

A fast-paced and compassionate novel from the nationally bestselling author of Bebe's By Golly Wow

Terri Mills has it all: good looks, a high-powered job as an attorney, plus a sexy and successful fiancé. But sometimes having it all can get to be too much. Her world at work and her personal life both begin to unravel, especially when her grandmother becomes ill. Terri struggles to get it together, but how?

Her hat-wearing grandmother knows. Terri ventures down South, back to her small-town roots, to nurse Grandma Ollie back to health-but it's Terri who finds healing. Grandma Ollie uses her sixth sense and her powerful gift of storytelling to help her troubled granddaughter.

In The Hatwearer's Lesson, Yolanda Joe delivers a delightful novel that demonstrates the importance of family traditions and having the courage to follow our instincts and our hearts.


  My Fine Lady 
ISBN: 0452286182

A new novel about a super-talented underdog from the bestselling author of Bebe's By Golly Wow.

Imani Holland has talent and hopes but no direction. Her father, who owns a struggling nightclub, sees Imani’s future as a chance to fulfill his own failed dreams. Her boyfriend, Taz, is determined to become a mega-producer, with Imani’s street rapping as his ticket to fame. But Professor Orenthal Hopson, who teaches in the music department of a historically black college, has his own designs on her: He struck a bet with a colleague requiring him to transform Imani from a hip- hop hopeful into a traditional jazz singer.

Like a modern-day Eliza Doolittle, Imani finds herself caught up in a musical makeover that causes her to question who she really wants to become. As Professor Hopson begins to sweep her off her feet, she also has to decide whether to stand by Taz, the man she’s cared about since childhood, or let herself fall for the dashing intellectual. Will fate be cruel or will it put her on a path to true love and the stardom she dreams of?


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