Wendy's Got the Heat! The Queen of Radio Bares All


Wendy Williams
Atria Books


Attention booklovers!  Want to experience laughter, drama, celebrity dish, intrigue, radio politics and snippets of words of wisdom?  Then pick up a copy of Wendy's Got the Heat!  The Queen of Radio Bares All by Wendy Williams. Sit back, get comfortable and read the book everyone is praising. The title of the book is right on point.  This queen of radio definitely has got the “heat”.   Two words from this book reviewer—Loved it!

The book is a fast, easy read packed with raw honesty.  Wendy’s Got the Heat! is far from disappointing, especially since it’s received a great amount of hype by Wendy who is a great self-promoter.  Wendy opens the book on herself, exposing the good, the bad, the ugly and her life-long journey of self-discovery.  She doesn't miss a beat as the book flows full steam ahead.   This gossip queen, entrepreneur, exposes all sides of her personality. She's sensitive, inquisitive and a workaholic.  Big and loud, tough as nails yet soft at the core.  Wendy is a true survivor.

This memoir reads as if you are having your own one-on-one conversation with the shock diva herself.  While reading novel you will discover why she is the top female, radio personality in the nation.  Wendy is definitely on the track for the next level of stardom because she stays on top of her game.  Girlfriend believes in working daily on her business ventures, radio, gossip, parties, her radio program and now TV listeners up to date on the 411-celebrity dish.  She works this book well. 

Wendy takes you on a spellbinding carpet ride from her middle class upbringing in Asbury Park, Ocean Township, New Jersey, Wayside to be exact, to her college days at Northeastern University in Boston, to her various jobs in radio in places like DC, St. Croix, Philly and NY.  You find out who her friends are, whom she admires and whom she has beef with. Some names are not given to hide their identities. Like the R & B recording artist that raped her and the rapper that she dated back in the day. 

One minute Wendy is hilarious discussing how her parents gave her ruby earrings for getting her period. The next minute she still has you laughing but yet feeling compassion for her as she describes visiting her grandmother, seeing her die on a commode in her presence and finding out that grandma was loaded—confederate money at that, under grandma's mattress.  Some of the scenarios are sad yet comical.   Wendy's life in a nutshell is fat paced and loaded with drama one minute, but learning to cope with obstacles as well.

Wendy delves into her loving marriage and business partnership with her "thuggish" husband.  She proudly discusses "motherhood" and being blessed with a beautiful, baby boy after many painfully emotional miscarriages.  Unlike many other memoirs, Wendy lets loose and spills the beans on herself as well as others like she is known to do, purging herself of events good, bad and the horrible that she has experienced and overcome.  She talks about her feelings of being a "misfit" in a family that consisted of a perfect mother, dad, sister and her best friend and confidant growing up, her brother. 

Wendy is a breath of fresh air as she invites you to exhale with her as she gossips on herself such as how she handled her husband's "fidelity incident" that she discovered after the birth of her son.  Getting it off her chest like a woman scorned yet dealing with it, doing investigative reporting and finally letting it go. This was an extremely private affair between she and her husband, which she chose to share with readers and radio listeners, who she calls her "friends" in her head.

Readers learn about her weed head days, past cocaine addiction, life long obsession with her weight and plastic surgery.  She details her flight from New York, leaving a bitter experience at a radio station and going to Philly, re-energizing herself and preparing herself to come back to New York with a vengeance. On top of her game and full of entrepreneurial spirit, and don't forget her new VH-1 gig. Wendy also provides gems of life lessons, like “Nothing is guaranteed.  Learn from your mistakes and move on and above all else be true to yourself.” This is the new and improved Wendy Williams.

Accept the invitation to get deep inside the world of Wendy Williams and as her listeners know her radio show as the “Wendy Williams Experience.”  What are you waiting for? Run out and get the book.  Wendy's got futuristic vision.  She’s a hard worker and the fruits of her labor are paying off.  She’s been in the game for more than 15 years and is still on top. She comes to work everyday prepared.  As she says in the book, “Part of getting and keeping a job is showing up”. She showed up in this book and allowed her readers to truly get the Wendy Williams Experience.  “Do the damn thing” is one of her favorite phrases. Wendy without a doubt “Does the damn thing” with Wendy’s Got The Heat!

Kecia Palmer-Cousins is a Free-Lance Writer & Harlem Book Fair Advisory Board Member.  She is working on a mystery novel, " The Inquisitive Ms. Tee" and a children's book, "The Adventures of Kendall".  She resides in Peekskill, NY with her husband and son.