Walter Mosley, Example For All...





Best-selling author Walter Mosley has chosen Black Classic Press, a Baltimore independent press and publisher, to bring out his new book rather than a more corporate publisher such as W.W. Norton. This new book will be entitled What Next: An African American Initiative Toward World Peace. This non-fiction work, we believe, will be out sometime early 2003.

In 1996, Mosley gave his manuscript Gone Fishin, an unpublished work of the early years of his fictional hero Easy Rawlins, to Black Classic Press, which sold over 100,000 copies of this detective novel.

In this new non-fictional work, Mosley explores black popular opinion on world peace, terrorism, and war with Iraq. He looks at his relationship with his father, a WW II veteran, to examine what American identity and American patriotism mean to blacks. The book will be a hardcover of 124 pages. Paul Coates, publisher of Black Classic Press, plans to print 40,000 in the first printing.

Though not a 9/11-book, Mosley, according to Coates, was "inspired by that event." Mosley attempts "to create a dialogue around the black community's perspective on revenge, security, and peace." What Next is intended as a "conversation, not a manifesto." This is definitely an example  other "Black Authors" should emulate. Without economic power, there is no real power in the Black communities whose readers are supporting works by popular Black Authors.



Walter Mosley