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The Revolutionary brings People Together. He does not divide forces into separate factions of Elitist Divisiveness. Yet this sort of thing happens every day – time and time again! We say, be Wary of men and women who Lead Small Groups – and when we say Small Groups, we include the Republican Party, the Democratic Party and the so-called Socialist Parties one and all, etc.

We say, the Leader who Honestly and Clearly can speak for Mankind – in Total, will have no need for Power Bases, Campaign Platforms and Public Relations Subcommittees. More importantly, this Leader will have No Problem Embracing every other Leader – for he will hope to bring – all divided factions - Together Again as One.

In dire hope of finding, or Creating, this man, we say, Stop Empowering the Power Brokers who seek to Divide and Conquer the very People who they supposedly Serve!"

Remember one thing. The Revolutionary brings People Together. Having said that, we Ask, " Are you a Revolutionary - because you Stand for Humanity’s Promise?

When all is said and done, Will You use your Revolutionary Determination to Move Through the Systematic Oppression of Today’s Media-Driven Psychological Warfare - which Maddingly Seeks to Tear us All Apart?"

We believe you will - because we believe in You. We believe in what was once honorably known as Humanity. Peace out.





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