Tupac Article (Part II)

And so we talk of revolution. 2Pac presented the clearest picture of the ghetto in his profound imagery of America’s forgotten black youth. Behind the scene, and the hot media glare of this intense imagery, Tupac honestly concerned himself with the plight of all the poor, black children of his world – children which he remained close to in every way.

He knew what he was doing. In his own heart and mind, Tupac was trying to change the world of these children in the best way he knew he could – through caring organizations - celebrity fueled and enthusiastically funded! He knew money and sponsorship was the only way to set free society’s most oppressed souls.

2Pac spoke to Reverend Herbert Daughtry about his initial actions and his forthcoming plans when he was incarcerated in Rikers Facility and then the Clinton Correctional space. Reverend Daughtry reflects upon 2Pac’s thoughts, plans and ideals and the continuing situation of black children in America in 2001.

Now, more than ever, Tupac Shakur’s revelatory analysis of the injustices and off-balanced scales of society must be weighed heavily by a Nation forced to yet again reassess itself. America must question once more the validity of everything which it has been fed in the last 30 years by a mainstream media fueled by commerce rather than truth, wisdom and above all, human conscience.

In his series of explosive letters, Reverend Daughtry explores why the powers that be - continue to manifest psychological oppression of a people and why the powerful image and message of 2Pac continues to fly in the face of these would be aggressors.

2Pac’s creation of such a long lasting and powerful image which defied the ordinary is examined by Daughtry who wisely refers to three forces which simultaneously moved through one another – indifferently - to create this unique, young brother.

The Christian, the Revolutionary and the Creative Artist – three streams of consciousness which together moved Tupac ever closer to the limelight each day of his young life, yet which at the same time, caused him so much pain in the inherent contradiction and tantamount difficulty of their harsh connection.

While the gangsta image easily portrayed the revolutionary, not so easily translated was the Christian empowerment outlined in 2Pac’s self-awareness and his blunt courage in the face of the unknown – blurred by the media-driven imagery of self-destructiveness - so wrongly attached to a victimized African American Community.

For all of 2Pac’s talents and creative flow – he knew the only way to reach the children of the ghetto, who in their difficult condition came to look up to strength and power above all else, was to embody their lead: the gangsta, taking no shit from nobody.

Without this image and lifestyle, 2Pac would have had difficulty gaining the ear of so many young brothers who needed to know his very real message of personal integrity and resolve.

The necessary contradictions of Tupac Shakur go on and on and Reverend Daughtry was (and is) well aware of the turmoil of his young spiritual son 2Pac and so many other young men and women banging the drug burned streets of the hood in desperation each and every day.

Daughtry’s letters to 2Pac represent a chronicle of shining hope in the very center of their mayhem and terrible despair. Change lights the high fire of a better day.

Daughtry’s mission embraces the Hip Hop Nation and recognizes its ability to engage the political movers of the day. It is no secret; through organization and a conscious effort, the grassroots legion of Hip Hop can single-handedly effect the decision making of assemblymen, congressmen and every level of higher elected official across this vast land. Like 2Pac, Daughtry knows a voice harmonized is a voice which will never fade into the narrow corridors of ignorance, prejudice and most dramatically, indifference.

Daughtry knows his son 2Pac is the perfect reflection of the African American Community today - beautiful and contradictory, yet full of the promise of a people who shine in every aspect and who will instinctively fight for the fulfillment of their glory and earthly soul peace in an ever changing world – a world inherited from clear eyed and strong-willed ancestors.

May their memory fill our lives forever.