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2Pac & the New Revolution

When Tupac Shakur passed on - his message - his revolutionary message - was set into stone for all times and for all people to witness once and forevermore. For Tupac’s revolution was one of Honest Exposure - the profound revelation of true social awareness - burned upon the psyche of a deceived populous.

Tupac revealed the very Real Blood which boiled behind the glossy, white-smiled, and completely artificial, surface of commercial America.

Within this context - the context of a new and personal revolution of consciousness, Tupac exposed to the masses, the single brutal Life of a Black Man forced into financial oppression by prevailing powers who orchestrated an already downtrodden people - to the final chord of their Terrible Demise.

To this end, Tupac purposely exposed in his tattooed body, street fighting lyrics and gangland posturing, the end-product of greed and deception. By design, he embodied the very real portrait of a hard, hungry and overwrought youth - living day to day in the ravaged ghetto.

Make no mistake, Tupac made certain, the whole of the world would witness this terrible spectacle of a youth’s oppression - a systematic oppression engineered from top to bottom - to remove all traces of empowerment and normal development in the lives of some of the poorest black children in the country.

Having achieved fame and fortune, Tupac easily could have escaped the ghetto - the same ghetto which raised him with every dose of its harsh reality.

Having embodied the soul of the ghetto, Tupac was a total insider, and he intended to remain as such - one and together with his people. Regardless of his circumstances, their condition was still and forever his condition. Why? Because every poor, Black youth living in America is faced with this same grim reality imposed on them by the powerful who choose to close their eyes.

In the effect of this neglect, every poor child of the ghetto is imprisoned by the fully orchestrated - anti-social behavior which is prevalent every single day in his or her own neighborhood streets - plentiful with guns, drugs and disillusionment.

In his great vision and historical pre-eminence, Tupac exposed the results of all unnecessary madness and for this, in the Summer of 1996, they Buried his young body. No surprise, for Tupac knew it would end that way all along. It was the very reason - why he chose never to silence himself.

To this day we Honor him, by receiving the message which he revealed to us all. May each of us in our own way, remember his Raw and Powerful Voice and the hard truth for which it stood.

The Reverend Daughtry remembers his voice and he remembers Tupac too - because he knew him, well. In his book entitled Dear 2Pac, he sends letters to Tupac - revealing the beginning of a new understanding for us All. We all stand well to listen - to the new revolution. contd.8


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