Sister Days : 365 Inspired Moments in African American Women’s History

Janus Adams

Black Interest / Biography / History

Stories from the amazing journey of African American women. Whether read as history or practical inspiration, the stories of bravery, intelligence, and fortitude revealed… give a unique road map to rediscovering sister power."

A collection of moving…stories that celebrated the lives of black women who have overcome the many obstacles in their paths to pursue their dreams.

Sister Days offers you a daily invitation to share in the life-affirming legacy of African American women. Here are 365 uplifting meditations on courage, daring and resistance that bring us valuable reminders of how real women in real times—from Harriet Tubman to aviator Bessie Coleman to Wild West legend "Stagecoach Mary" to world-renowned writer Maya Angelou—created a better way of life for themselves and a better world for others.

In reading their stories, we ensure that these women live on—as shining breacons to light our own quests for happier, more fulfilled lives.