Shadow Lover


by Hope C. Clarke
Pages: 225
Publisher: New Hope Publishing


All Are In Need Of A Shadow Lover Hope C. Clark delivers an entertaining story with her new novel, Shadow Lover. The title is very symbolic in meaning and the story has more bite than its title reveals. Intriguing in its direction, and creative in its context, Shadow Lover never ceases to keep the readerís attention nor disappoint in its delivery.

 Angelica, a young woman from a rural town is swept off her feet by a handsome gentleman from the big city of New York. He is also fifteen years her senior. Against her parentís wishes, naÔve and inexperienced Angelica accepts the marriage proposal of the gentleman and quickly becomes Mrs. Ivan Carty. Unknown to Angelica, Ivan has a major obsession of gaining control of every aspect of his life and will stop at nothing to ensure everything goes his way. Unfortunately for Angelica, his harsh and manipulative ways include keeping her far away from the influences of others, which hinders her from having a relationship with friends and family.

Mr. Ivan Carty insists that a womanís place is in the home. Therefore, she does not have a life outside of her home. The only provision granted to Angelica is her getting a job, which Ivan also protested. However, her deepest nightmares begin the day Ivan discovers her enrollment in college to further her education. Ivan brutally beats her with his fists in order to dissuade Angelica from attending school. From that point on, Angelica found herself being bruised, battered, and scarred for minor infractions in the home, which ranged from not getting home on time to not having dinner ready promptly at six oíclock p.m.  Insecure, naÔve, and fearful of how far her husband would go in hurting her, Angelica stays in the relationship and tries to ďact rightĒ while bracing herself for the next abusive episode.

 Angelica is oblivious to Ivanís very colorful, but morbid and very scarred past, filled with abuse and emotional torment. Ivan witnessed the brutal beating delivered from his father to his mother, which ultimately led to both parents demise. His father often shared with him the necessity of ruling a woman with an iron fist and never relinquishing control at any cost. Ivan firmly carries these beliefs and practices into his adult life and marriage as it reflects heavily in his relationship.

 The book kicks-off with an abusive tirade administered by Ivan sparked by the sudden termination of his job. However, this particular thrashing goes further than usual landing Angelica in the hospital. Her injuries are diagnosed as near fatal. Miracles begin to happen with the assistance of the one that lurks in the shadows. This stranger informs the doctor to put faith in him and save Angelica from her abusive husband at all costs. The doctor follows the instructions given, but the costs are far more than he imagined as Ivanís control begins slipping away. As a further detractor, Ivan gets caught in a murder scandal with his new employee. Fireworks erupt as Ivan literally takes matters, and people, into his own hands as he searches for the once naÔve wife who suddenly doesnít follow his instructions anymore.

 Shadow Lover is an excellent read exhibiting quality writing, drama, and quick wit that Hope C. Clarke manages to combine very well.  She has the ability to guide the readerís emotions evoking sorrow, laughter, or tears almost effortlessly. The story comes together with different twists and turns that do not allow the reader to predict the next move. The author also displays well-written dialogue that is meaningful and believable among the different characters. Readers that enjoy love, suspense, and drama will be satisfied with Shadow Lover.