LUVALWAYZ: The Opposite Sex & Relationships by Shonell Bacon & J. Daniels

Strebor Books International, LLC

ISBN: 0971195315

The writing team of Shonell Bacon and JDaniels make their debut into the literary world with the contemporary novel LUVALWAYZ: The Opposite of Sex and Relationships, Book One of the LUVALWAYZ Trilogy. The novel provides a round-trip journey offering glimpses into the lives of both the male and female characters who are all in their late 20's. The novel is broken into three sections and alternates from the male (written by JDaniels) to the female perspective (written by Shonell).

LUVALWAYZ introduces you to two sets of "tighter-than-tight" friends. On one side, you have Tamara "Tee" Styles, web designer; Shameika "Sha" Jones, Graduate Student and Day Care Worker; and Deandre "Dee" Winters, sportswriter for the Orioles. On the opposite side, you have Christopher "Chris" Grimes, full-time writer; Jamal "Joop" Evans, Graduate Student and History Teacher; and Stephen "Steph" Lewis, bonifide playa, Private Invistigator, and a former state trooper.

In Book One, Tee and Chris fall in love and begin on a journey of love, but Tee's baggage from previous relationships causes serious trust issues for her in their relationship and Chris is left feeling unwanted and unloved. This leads him on a journey of betrayal which finally re-routes him towards what he truly wants. In Book Two, we meet Sha who has spent most of her adult life hopping from one man to the next with absolutely no care as to how they feel when she's had her way with them. Underneath her ghetto-playette visage, you find a vulnerable woman who has serious self-esteem issues stemming from her childhood which lead her to continue running from militant, yet sensitive and caring Joop. Lastly, in Book Three, Dee is on a fast track with her career and loving every moment of it. She doesn't have time for men, least of all Steph until she has to turn to him for help when her sister calls, who is being held in Paris against her will. Steph is the "player of all players" and spends most of his time talking noise to Chris and Joop about his various conquests and admits that he likes women of all shades and races. This of course includes Dee.

The characters are brought together through their friendships with each other and then are woven even tighter together as the relationships build between the three couples. LUVALWAYZ is filled with witty dialogue, sexy sex scenes, probes into the minds of each of the characters, soul-searching questions, growing up, and mainly spotlights the love you find in both friendships and relationships.

This book teaches the importance of trust, communication, and friendship and carefully bonds the characters into a tight knit circle of love. In addition, LUVALWAYZ gives you the first hand knowledge of each character's feelings of love, pain, indecision, and growth as they trek out on their journey to LUVALWAYZ.....

Shonell and JDaniel's debut novel is one that you'll read and also finish with anticipation along with an overwhelming feeling of love and familiarity with each character. Their writing is refreshing, hard-hitting, and here to make an impact on anyone who reads it. I look forward to Book Two of the LUVALWAYZ Trilogy and have no doubt that Shonell and JDaniels will continue to lead anyone who reads their book(s) further on the road that leads to the exploration of the ups, downs, joy and happiness in LUVALWAYZ....

Reviewed by Tee C. Royal

Copyright 2001 - RAWSISTAZ Book Club and Tee C. Royal

Tee C. Royal is the founder of R.A.W. SISTAZ, editor of The RAWSISTAZ Review.