Love Frustrations
RM Johnson




ISBN 0743229738
A Novel
$23.00 / Hardcover
Simon & Schuster / October 2002

In Love Frustration Black Board Bestselling author RM Johnson brings readers a compelling story about love in its many messy, complicated embodiments. Jayson Abrahms is tired of playing games; his days of clubbing, partying, dating, cheating, then partying, dating and cheating again are over. He proposed to his girlfriend, the ironically named Faith Sheppard, and is exciting about his rapidly approaching wedding day. There is one problem however. Faith is deeply threatened by Jayson’s relationship with his former-lover-turned-best-friend Asha Mills. When forced to choose between his best friend and his future wife, Jayson does what many of us might – he lies. But nothing is quite what it seems for Jayson, Faith, and Asha. Jayson makes an important discovery about his bride-to-be while Asha imagines and then explores different possibilities for herself and her future.

This exciting novel probes friendship and romance, insecurity and the comforts provided by tradition and family, the sometimes visceral need to act on one’s desires and the courage and struggle that come with self-acceptance.. #1 Essence bestselling author RM Johnson is praised by E. Lynn Harris for tackling "the most significant issues in our society today with a respect, a poignancy, a knowledge that make him, undoubtedly, the writer for the new millennium." Described by Colin Channer as "one of the most daring and insightful novelists of his generation," Johnson confronts his readers with difficult situations but also presents them with the excitement of finding genuine fulfillment, both sexual and emotional. Provocative and moving, Love Frustration is well worth the risks and challenges reading it will create.  BBN