True Lies          
Margaret Johnson-Hodge


ISBN 157566917X
A Novel
$24.00 / Hardcover
Dafina Books / October 2002

Margaret Johnson-Hodge’s newest novel, True Lies explores the emotional pitfalls, the hopes and the pains, of finding lasting love. Cautious and disciplined, Dajah Moore seems unlikely to risk her sense of security for a man - especially one with a troubled past. That’s just what happens, however, when she meets Rick Trimmons, an attractive, compelling correction’s officer.

Rick’s troubled past is embodied by Gina, the mother of his beloved daughter. As Dajah and Rick’s relationship grows, Gina’s behavior becomes increasingly outrageous. Forced to make life-altering decisions, Rick makes choices that will affect Dajah’s future as well as his own.

True Lies is thoroughly readable. To Johnson-Hodge’s credit, it celebrates the possibility for growth and a woman’s ability to be independent and have relationships on her own terms. However, it doesn’t bring anything new to the table – it’s a well told story that’s been told before.  BBN