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Founded in 1978, Black Classic Press is devoted to publishing obscure and significant woks by and about people of African descent. We specialize in republishing because we wanted to extend the memory of what we believe are important books that have helped in meaningful ways to shape the Black diasporic experience and our understanding of the world.

Popular Books by Black Classic Press....

Ancient Future
Wayne B. Chandler
Foreword by Ivan Van Sertima
ISBN 1-57478-001-8

Ancient Future represents more than two decades of dedicated research and is one of the most valuable resources on Egyptian thought and its contemporary value. The Seven Hermetic Principles of living are mentalism, correspondence, vibration, polarity, gender, rhythm, and causation. Chandler presents these ancient principles in a focused, practical, and comprehensive manner. Applying them can enhance our understanding of social, political psychological, and spiritual maters. The seven axioms of ancient Egypt are a doorway through time into an ancient past which, when understood and applied, can help prepare us for the future.


Our Black Seminarians
and Black Clergy Without a Black Theology
Yosef ben-Jochannan

Introduction by John Henrik Clarke

In Black Seminarians, ben-Jochannan outlines sources of Black theology before Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Itís important for us to know that the ideas, practices, and concepts that went into the making of Judaism, Christianity and Islam were already old in Africa before Europe was born. Black Seminarians marks an important first step in our journey to reclaim our spiritual heritage.

1978, 1998. 110pp. (Paper $14.95 ISBN 0-933121-62-8).

The Black Panther Party Reconsidered
Edited by Dr. Charles E. Jones.
These essays contributed by scholars and former Panthers, offer important observations about the organizational dynamics, the role of women, the growth, decline, and legacy of the Black Panther Party that underscores the important legacy of the Panthers.

1998. 519 pp. (Cloth $29.95, ISBN 0-1933121-96-2)

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