nikiel hannah

1. how did your writing career began, and how many books have you written?
2. your latest book has been hailed as a potential bestseller, how do you feel about that?
3. what is the overall message in your books?
4. how do you see the state of black literature in America?
what should your readers expect next?








1.  I began writing as a child in order to give my parents holiday cards.  That way I would be able to keep my allowance for myself.  Sounds bad, but as a child I wanted to keep my allowance for my own usage.  But growing up I realized that that wasn't such a bad idea at such a young age.  My parents still have those hand made cards full of my shaky hand poetry.  And that is what began my love of writing, being able to touch someone in such a way that my words literally stay with them for years.  Right now I have two books out, Concrete Eyes; Don't Blink and When All Else Fails We Cry with my third and fourth do out in 2003-04.

2.  To have a book considered a potential bestseller is nothing such than a blessing from God.  It feels good to have your work appreciated and loved by people that you may never meet all across the world.

3.  Within my books I want my readers to get the message that no matter what color a person is, whether they are male or female we all have the same problems.  Relationships, racism, economical, social, personal etc...  The only difference is how we let our problems affect us and even then we are the same. 

4.  The state of Black Books in America have come a long way, but still have further to go.  Black Books need to be looked at as a true art form by the major publishing houses.  If these publishing houses opened their doors and took more chances on more Black Writers, the way in which society looks at black books  would not be in a second nature kind of gaze.

5.  My readers should expect that I will continually touch on very isolated topics such as inner race racism as I did in Concrete Eyes; Don't Blink as well as showing the inside of the man's mind while in a relationship not to mention while he is looking for one as well.  Touching on topics such as terrorism to spirituality and everything in between.

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