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The Hood Comes First:  Race, Space, and Place in Rap and Hip-Hop
Murray Forman


“Murray Forman’s
The Hood Comes First is a tour de force which adds the important dimensions of space and place, and their articulations with race, to the discourse on rap and hip-hop.  Forman is sensitive to the difficulty of trying to understand and credit hip-hop as a fundamentally African American cultural movement, but one which has enjoyed a diversity of cultural inputs.  Equally as impressive is the way in which Forman unpacks the layers of coded meaning in the historical transition from “the ghetto” to “the ˘hood.”  Indeed, Forman’s keen sense of history and his insistence on returning to primary sources for data yield an incredibly refreshing piece of scholarship, the most valuable addition to the literature on hip-hop to come along in recent years.” – Reebee Garofalo, author of ROCKIN’ OUT: Popular Music in the USA.”

“Forman’s examination of the special issues of hip-hop is a welcome and informative addition to the existing scholarship on the subject.  His focus on the various conversations that took place in industry journals like Billboard give this book a “real time” feel.  He brings together information from many disparate sources to present a useful summary of the various artists, industry executives, promoters and visionaries who helped develop hip-hop into the viable commercial form that it is today.” – Mark Anthony Neal, author of Soul Babies:  Black Popular Culture and the Post-Soul Aesthetic.”

Published by Weslean University Press