An Extraordinary New Voice
Excerpts from a conversation with African-American poet-mystic Jean-Marie de la Trinitť



  I donít ordinarily write in superlatives, but I am certain that the literary world is on the verge of a discovery of truly monumental proportions in the writing of poet-mystic Mr. Jean-Marie de la Trinitť, and it is an honor to be among the very first to write about him and his work. Hold on. Iím pulling out all the stops.

Dr. Sam Chekwas, head of Seaburn Books, sent me an advance copy of a superb book of poetry by this little-known writer and artist. The book is entitled THE WEDDING FEAST and is easily held in hand, running to a precise 100 pages of poetry, with about 15 pages of introductory and other material.

I read the first few poems in this striking collection and was so immediately captivated by it that I thought that I should read the entire work in a single sitting. I wanted the whole effect of this manís thought all at once. I wanted to experience his poetry, as it were, in a single moment, in a single instant.

I carved out a space of time that very afternoon, turned off my cell phone, unplugged my office phone  I didnít even want to see the caller light blinking  put aside some pressing correspondence, and settled down to read this intriguing little work, non-stop, cover to cover. I was that enthralled with what I had read thus far.

It took me about two hours of reading at an unhurried pace to finish the book. more 8