Nancey Flowers:

BBN: When did you begin your writing career?    

I began writing at a very early age. I had a vast library as early as 8. Beverly Cleary, Judy Blume, Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret, Flowers In The Attic, I Know Why The Cage Bird Sings, If Beale Street Could Talk and many others filled my shelves.  I kept a diary until age 17 and a journal from time to time afterward. My journal noted the significant happening in my life, but it became too difficult to maintain a log of daily activities.  But deep down I was always a writer at heart. I would complete book reports without effort and write my own fascinating stories, winning me a series of awards from school for creative writing. Writing was always a dream of mine

BBN: How would you describe your style of writing?

My writing is best described as contemporary.  My novels (A Fool’s Paradise, Shattered Vessels, Twilight Moods a collaborative effort of erotic stories) are always fun, but have a message. A Fool’s Paradise delves into the life of Anne-Marie Saunders and her very dysfunctional family. Her mother can’t stand her, but loves the fair skin sister, Nadine. Who say’s parent’s don’t have favorites. Even though Anne-Marie is a star in college, she still can’t seem to win her mothers love and the situation turns for the worse when she announces at Sunday dinner with her boyfriend that she is pregnant. The only comment her mother can spare as she looks toward her husband is “My, my, my…looks like your rising star has fallen.”

Shattered Vessels discusses how women are so desperate to have a man that they seem to put blinders on and just go with the flow even when it’s to their own detriment. The story moves at a very fast pace, making readers say, “What the Hell just happened?” after reading the first chapter (visit to read Chapter 1).

BBN: What inspired you to begin writing?

My love for reading and my gift for storytelling were my biggest inspirations to begin my writing career. God put me on this earth for many reasons and I know sharing my talent of writing is definitely one of them. I really enjoy writing. It takes me out of my world and into my characters lives. I start to feel each one of them and they start to become real. I can either love or hate my characters, because they evoke so much emotion.  When the book is complete I send to my reading group for their reactions to help myself become a better writer.

BBN: From where or whom do you receive your inspiration?

My mother has always served as an inspiration to me. She worked hard all of her life to ensure a better life for her daughters. She is the best mother God could provide and I didn’t want to let her down. I had to search for my true calling and one of those talents is writing. Having the ability to put your thoughts down on paper and have others enjoy them is a fascinating thing. My sisters are all in the medical profession and I had no desire to pursue a career in medicine. I have a strong dislike for science and I know just enough math to maintain my checkbook, and monthly bank statements.  These points combined incited inspiration and my ambition for a career in writing.

BBN: Tell us a little bit about Shattered Vessels?

Now we get down to the good stuff. Shattered Vessels is filled with drama caused by the men. Usually it’s the women doing something trifling, but the men in this book will make you say, damn if that were me, what would I do?  It’s a lot easier to say what we would and wouldn’t do, but when you’re in these situations it’s the hardest thing see. Sandy’s husband Bedford is a trip, Wanita’s husband needs to take his head out of his own ass, and India’s husband needs to learn how to keep his hands to himself. Shattered Vessels keep you engrossed from the first chapter to the last page.

BBN: F: Is it just as juicy as A Fool’s Paradise?

They are different levels of juicy. A Fool’s Paradise has the feisty heroine, Anne-Marie.  She is smart, sassy and has a man that makes her the envy of all the girls in her town. There are big altercations between Anne-Marie and her younger sibling and loads of drama between Anne-Marie’s best friend, Colleen, her mother and new boyfriend. Shattered Vessels deals with family, but these women are career oriented, very savvy and married to men who are jackasses for lack of a better term. However, a lot of women are so desperate to be married they end up taking the bad with the bad. Personally, I wouldn’t stay in a relationship if a man, disrespects me, neglects, cheats or beats me. Marriage is not about who can outdo the other person or the exchange of a last name. There is more to this sacred bond and should be treated as such.

BBN: What do the two books have in common if anything at all?

The women in both novels are very strong. They eventually see their shortcomings and make life-altering decisions.

BBN: What is your next book about?

No Strings Attached is probably the juiciest of them all. I had a lot of fun writing this novel. Felice the main character had a cameo role in Shattered Vessels and I wanted to bring her character to life and tell her story.

Felice Jackson is sexy, single and satisfied—or so she claims. She is an affluent, thirty-something entrepreneur who is partial owner of the successful firm Jackson and Jackson Financial Consultants. The only problem is her intimate relationship with her ex-husband and business partner, Bedford Jackson, who has since remarried.

Felice doesn’t believe in looking through rose-colored lenses. After several years of marriage, she walks in to find her beloved husband with another woman. Then she meets Aaron Cane a smart, charming and sexy basketball player. The relationship is just what she needs―or is it?  Felice’s decision to take an extended trip to Cuba and leave her troubles behind, along with a stack of unresolved and unclaimed issues leaves her free to do what she wants, when she wants, and it doesn’t matter who gets hurt in the interim. Felice enjoys her no-strings-attached creed. Until her secretive past collides with her present.

BBN: When writing, do you envision your readers’ thoughts and reactions?

All the time!  I really want my readers to enjoy my books and when the put it down, they feel either one of two things: they can’t wait to read the next book or they were so engrossed with the story, characters, etc. they felt like they knew them or could relate to them.

BBN: Who are some of your favorite authors?

There are so many, but I’ll give you a short list. Lolita Files (Taste’s Like Chicken), Michael Presley (Blackfunk I, II & III), Victoria Christopher Murray (Truth Be Told), Crystal Lacey Winslow (The Criss Cross), Brenda L. Thomas (Fourplay), Mary Monroe (The Upper Room), Tananarive Due (The Living Blood), Connie Briscoe (P.G. County), and Bernice McFadden (Loving Donovan), just to name a few. 

BBN: What would you like to share with your reading audience?

I would like to thank the readers for supporting my writing efforts and for giving me a reason to continuously pick up a pen and pad or tap away on my keyboard.  Last, if you have a dream, live it and stop dreaming it.