The Black Woman’s Guide to Creating the Life You Really Want

Monique Greenwood

$25.00 / Hardcover / 245 pages

ISBN: 0688175090

William Morrow / 2001

African-American Women’s Self Realization / Self-help

On Being Positively Real

Accomplished author, successful entrepreneur, and devoted wife and mother, Monique Greenwood knows indeed a thing or two about having it all. Her own life offers a great example of the all around success a sister can achieve in things that matter, if only she manages her personal and professional affairs by working smarter rather than harder.

A graduate of Howard University and a former editor of Essence, Ms. Greenwood is the owner of the world-famous Akwaaba Mansion Bed & Breakfast in Brooklyn, New York, among other enterprises. It was while writing this book and reflecting on its lessons that the author decided to leave her highly coveted position as editor of Essence to devote more time to her personal and family life and the development of her own business.

The author argues convincingly that by simply following a few proven principles consistently, and by applying the techniques that are implicit in the daily practice of high-achieving African-American women (and men) currently enjoying meaningful and fulfilling lives, all women can attain the joy and completeness they dream of but may feel unable to reach.

Having risen from anonymity to the top of the Essence totem pole, from physical misery to healthy good looks, from a cramped rental apartment to a mansion of her own, and from countless bad relationships to a loving successful partnership and marriage, the author proves that her "bootstrapping" strategies work. Replete with good humor, motivational examples, and infinitely useful advice, Having What Matters gives African-American women the understanding and the confidence to define their dreams for themselves, and it also gives them the detailed method they must follow to turn them to reality: The reader will discover how to identify delusions that hold her back; how to track her dreams and create a viable basic plan; and what’s most important, that she has the right to dream of and to pursue the apparently impossible.

Having What Matters is filled with sage advice in a variety other important areas, such as: The importance of what the author calls "me time;" how to find and build a great career; how to achieve financial freedom; finding a sexy soul-mate; the benefits of looking good and feeling great; how to surround yourself with loving family and friends; and how to make a positive difference in the world.

There is no doubt that Monique Greenwood’s formula works and that her accessible, well-written book provides the knowledge and methodology, which, if properly and consistently applied, will bring true joy and fulfillment to the life of the reader.