Faith in our booksellers

In the last few years, the number of Black Owned and Operated Bookstores around the Country is sadly dwindling away. Why must Knowledge and Education always suffer in the Black Community? Why are our People increasingly driven out of Spheres of Learning while at the same time, so many of our poorest Children are driven into Institutions of Correction? Sadly, the answer is painted all over the faces of our very own Consumerist Society.

Somewhere along the line, Black Americans bought into the Myth of Possession - that whoever dies with the most toys wins. Consequently, we have decided to support giant corporate structures which offer everything - the very world at our fingertips - instead of considering our Brothers and Sisters right down the street.

For right down the street, everywhere in America, our Brothers and Sisters are working hard to jump-start small, personal businesses - businesses with actual people in mind, friends and neighbors - strangers looking to find new homes - businesses which are geared to help, enrich and enlighten our very own Community. Yet, every day, we choose to walk the other way.

This is not, and has never been, the way of our people. Our history in America has been one of Self-Determination, Devotion and Altruism toward our brothers and sisters - our mothers, fathers, and daughters. We are a People who were Divided and yet, Refused to Accept this Horrific Reality insanely thrust upon us by Greed Infested Minds. Instead, we Deterred their Sick Intention and found Unity and Brotherhood among our numbers, we became United in our Spirit and Struggle to make things right.

Yet, light slowly slips away and today we find the tide has turned our own Psyche has been Overwhelmed by this horrific Myth of Gain. Today, impossibly, we forget our own neighbors, friends and loved ones, leaving these Brothers and Sisters behind in the wake in our own High Drive Forward to Feed the Never Ending Hunger of the Consumer Need - better cars, better electronics, better shoes . . .

And to make things worse, the youngest among us buy into this Myth of Gain with the Whole of their Being - the Myth of Capitol Gain which speaks Nothing of Our Integrity, Devotion and Inner Burning Light. No, no light at all, except the Neon Flash of a new B.M.W.ís dashboard. This is what they Seek.

And make no mistake, this unrealistic overpriced Symbol of Power - which is not power at all, but rather Debt, Disillusionment and Decadence lands our Children into increasingly Stranger Behavior. For our Teenagers and Young Adults - keeping up with the Joneses - means doing Whatever is Necessary to get the Real Money Needed - to Put them on Top.

But, on top of what? Our world of Toys and Unnecessary Excess? Can this really be happening? Do we really need all the stuff we see around us?

Peer Pressure echoes Parental Behavior - the Studies have proven it a long time ago. So the question Arises once more. What are we doing? Can we possibly be content with this World we have Chosen - a world of Overfilled Jails and Empty Echoing Libraries - Criminal Children and a Fading Educational System - a world of Rolex Watches and Starving Babies?

No, this is not our way. Inside, we know Community is all that matters. Community stops building jails and starts building good schools with good teachers. Community sets our minds Straight. Lastly, True Community shows us we are Rich - and that we can Spend this, our Fortune, upon Time, Love and the Achievement of our Final and Greatest Purpose - Unity. Support the black bookstore, in the end you will see why.