Paul Robeson

Detox for Life

Lorre Taylor Jordan
$ 19.95 / Paperback / 368 pages
ISBN: 0967987865
Madison Publishing 2002

Raise Your Colon Health Quotient

A happy colon is an irrigated one, and Ms. Jordan, a certified colon hydrotherapist and an active member of the International Association of Colon Therapy, tells us in simple, direct, and outrageously funny language how we too can obtain the health benefits of a well-cared-for colon. The maxim, "disease often starts in the colon," is one by which many alternative physicians abide and a truth that is as dear to Ms. Jordanís heart as is fact that a person who doesnít have two or three bowel movements a day is suffering from constipation, a truth confirmed by the most advanced medical opinion, alternative and otherwise.

The fact that most people are living in a toxic environment, consuming devitalized additive-laden foods, and suffering from increasing cancer rates, constitutes a compelling reason for Ms. Jordan to bring colon cleansing to the forefront of public awareness. Having lost her own mother to cancer at a young age has additionally stimulated her personal and professional passion of eliminating potential causes of cancer via detoxification. In a straightforward manner, this book provides the information required for responsible health management and digestive health.

With sensitivity and humor Detox for Life approaches life-threatening subjects such as parasitic infestation, flatulence, and digestive maladies, complete with many charts, cartoons, and illustration. In a straightforward, sensitive and humorous manner Ms. Jordan gets to the heart of vital health detoxification. This book demonstrates how to radically take ownership of your health by implementing self-responsible strategies to prevent and reverse the disease process. It includes illustrations, cartoons, and diagrams making the material accessible to everyone, while at the same time giving careful consideration to the balance of convenience, safety, and efficacy, required for success in detoxification. An essential book for anyone considering holistic cleansing.