Author, Deon C. Sanders
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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                     February 2003                
“Miss Mary Weather: A Southern Nightmare”
Chicago, Il. : The New Face of Horror is proud to
announce the publication of his new horror novel
titled “Miss Mary Weather: A Southern Nightmare”.
This novel is definitely the Horror Novel of the
As a freshman horror author in the publishing world.
The New Face of Horror, Deon C. Sanders, a father of six, is on his way to writing numerous bestselling
horror novels, inspiring poems, and feature film
screenplays.  However, his passion is horror writing.
His first horror novel “Miss Mary Weather: A Southern Nightmare” has been a success in the minds of horror readers and has been well received in Chicago and in other major city bookstores.  Miss Mary Weather:

A Southern Nightmare ISBN# 158851837X" is also available in book stores now and at Barnes &,, and other online bookstores around the world. 
His next completed horror novel is titled “I,AM”--
In the midst of good, there’s evil, In the midst of evil, there’s “I,AM” MISS MARY WEATHER: A SOUTHERN NIGHTMARE takes place in
a rural black community in the deep South, where there is a myth of a woman who is the most terrifying female creature ever unleashed in this world. The evil's
origination to this world starts when Miss Mary
Weather goes insane after giving birth to her deformed
child. She commits suicide on her front porch by
slashing her wrists under the moonlight. As she
journeys to hell, an evil spirit inhabits her soul.
Thinking these stories are merely folk tales, the
protagonist, Will first encounters the evil woman at
the age of nine.  A battle between good and evil
ensues as he utilizes all of his wits and intelligence
through his childhood, young adulthood, college, and
finally adulthood.    When he battles the immortal
Miss Mary Weather in reality and wins, he continues
his life.  The feeling of her evil spirit being around
descends and disappears as the years roll on, until
Will''s son has a dream that predicts that Miss Mary
Weather has not been destroyed.
Miss Mary Weather: A Southern Nightmare (One Book One Chicago 2002 nominee)
by Deon C. Sanders
$19.95 list     Trade paperback  ISBN: 158851837X    
Publication date: January 2001 by AmErica House Book Publishers (Fredericks, Maryland) 301-631-0747