Anthony P. RiíChard

$13.00 / Paperback / 272 pages

ISBN 86433828

A & B Publishers /2001

Fiction / African American Fiction

Whatís in a dream? Thatís a question best answered by the dreamer himself. Our dreams open a vast world filled with intrigue and possibilities.

Many dreams are overwhelmed with terrifying horrors. These unspeakable acts frighten us so much that we refuse to remember the movies that played in our minds, the movies we call dreams.

Linsey Hicks, unlike most of us, is unable to bury deep within his subconscious these terrifying movies that are projected on the silver screen of his mind. These unachieved projections would lead this fourteen-year-old gifted youth and his parents into a world of murder, corruption, racism and the unsolved disappearance of several people.

But could Linsey convince anyone that he holds the key to these crimes without ending up dead himself? Or will he give everyone the impression that he needs psychological help?

Take a trip to the theater of Linsey Hicksís mind and witness for yourself the mysteries and suspense surrounding this extraordinary youth. Youíll be fascinated with what you see; so much so, that all youíll be able to say is DAMN!