The nations #1 Step-by-Step Guide to Show Business Success

Is leading book for children in entertainment


The national bestseller GET THAT CUTIE IN COMMERCIALS, TELEVISION, FILMS and VIDEOS - Breaking Your Talented Child into the Entertainment Industry (ISBN#: 0-9655064-5-2) was written by Kandias Conda. This comprehensive step-by-step beginners guide helps parents who want to get their talented child into show business by understanding the rules and seeking out the best opportunities.

Ms. Conda has worked with professional actors and entertainment professionals as an entertainment consultant. Her goal has been to bridge the gap between children and the entertainment industry. She formed an entertainment consultant firm, Chicago Sports and Entertainment, to provide unique and up-to-date information via books, guides, training sessions and mentor links, both in person and online.

The entertainment industry can be big business, but before you put your child into the arena, be sure that he or she has what it takes. The right personality and lots of patience are key components. GET THAT CUTIE IN COMMERCIALS, TELEVISION, FILMS and VIDEOS FILMS spells it all out – from A to Z. Chapters include: Famous Child Stars Past and Present; Is My Child Ready for TV?; Getting An Agent; Tools of the Trade; The Jobs and Opportunities; Auditions, Castings, Callbacks; Zeroing in On Your Target; Joining the Unions; The Money Matters; It’s About Business; Have A Life!; For Parents Only!; Exploring Other Talent Opportunities and Do’s & Don’ts.

According to Ms. Conda, "You shouldn’t get your child started in the business until you’ve read "Cutie" from cover to cover. This book is my contribution to all the moms out there who are struggling with the how’s and why’s of the industry. We have interviewed real life stage moms, agents, casting directors, and theatre directors. They will assist you in your quest to learn better ways to enter the wonderful world of entertainment. So, if your child has aspirations to become a professional actor/actress, encourage them to work hard and stay positive. Remember that your child will not always want to "work" and that is okay because there is a time and season for everything. Enjoy the opportunities and make wise decisions."