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Jamie Walker

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1.  Addicted, Zane
2.  Envy of the World, Cose
3.  Situations, Queen Pen
4.  Keeping the Faith, Smiley
5.  Effectual Prayer, Daughtry


Empowering Who?

Dorothy Pitman Hughes is an icon in the community, a true entrepreneur whose fight to secure jobs and true minority ownership of Harlem businesses is well documented.
The presence of a Harlem and community based office supply store, owned by a dynamic black woman brings pride and hope to many in the community, but not to those who, either by design, or share lack of conscience continue to undermine her efforts to create a viable and sustainable business in a community that is in need of the proper wealth allocation to its citizens. 
   Dorothy Hughes has been attributed to changing lives and creating employment for thousands in Harlem...  read more




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