Any Way the Wind Blows

E. Lynn Harris

$19.95 / Hardcover / 345 pages

ISBN 0385495056


Fiction / African American Fiction

Harris has a serious knack for writing bestsellers. In the final pages of Not a Day Goes By—Harris’s previous best-selling novel—John Basil Henderson, the hero of both this and his latest novel, a philanderer and a confirmed bisexual, declares: "I’m back, in full form. And I’m out there. Roamin’. And switching lanes." And indeed he is. In Any Way the Wind Blows, Harris’s latest chronicle of Basil’s tumultuous life, Basil, up to his old shenanigans again—a major part of which is having a number of simultaneous affairs with both women and the men—gives an interesting new twist to his usual, good-looking adventurer, homme fatal performance.

His ex-fiancée Yancey Harrington Braxton, a Broadway star left by Basil at the altar a year earlier, is back, but Basil is not certain if she has forgiven him or if she is out to get revenge. Surrounded by a chorus of unforgettable characters, the two of them find themselves entangled in a complex ballet of vengeance, as they wrestle with each other while trying to maintain a sense of direction in their lives.

Family members, as well as new entries into their circle, get involved in their struggle. Yancey’s mother, Ava "Mama Dearest" Braxton, an aging show girl; the wise Windsor Adams; and the new man on the scene, Bartholomew Cumbar, an attractive and charming fellow who as a professional con-artist makes Basil look like a boy scout, are some of the remarkable characters that are involved in the exciting plot.

E. Lynn Harris was named one of the fifty-five Most Intriguing African-Americans by Ebony and was inducted in the Arkansas Hall of fame. Harris’s masterful storytelling proves once more that the recognition that he has received over the years is well deserved. With his wicked mixture of love, compassion, and unexpected plot twists, he offers a uniquely contemporary African American narrative that combines psychological depth with satisfying, sophisticated entertainment.