Jaquie Bamberg Moore

$ 14.00 / Paperback / 282 pages

ISBN 0971192405

Reading Time Publishing / 2001

Fiction / African-American Fiction

Jaquie Bamberg Mooreís novel is a vivid portrait of the tempestuous friendship of three African American women, their interconnected lives, and their common journey into maturity. Randi, Umi, and Michelle, are in their mid-thirties, and have been friends since high school.

Randi, whose favorite saying is "time waits for no man and neither does a smart woman," is not as tough and invulnerable as she sounds. Confused about her goals in relationships and often abused by the men in her life, she is in danger of not recognizing a good thing when she sees it.

Umi has an one-track mind and nothing can make her stray from her goal which is mainly to reach the highest level of achievement in the corporate world. She is soon to find, however, that there are other things besides good businesses and businessmen.

Michelle, a housewife and the mother of a sixteen-year old, must suddenly face some of the harsh realities of life after an unhappy turn of events at home forces her to look for love elsewhere.

Although their characters and personalities are quite different, the three share a great deal when it comes to such traits as being extremely opinionated, headstrong, and assertive. These qualities, healthful in moderation but potentially destructive in excess, are abundantly present in the three friends, and this usually leads to flaring tempers, explosive arguments, and finally to readjustments in their friendship.

There is no doubt that these women share profound affinities and deep sister-soul ties, yet when heated disputes erupt within the trio, their friendship can be seriously threatened. The harsh words and bitter insults they fling at one another during their intense verbal brawls test the limits of their tolerance for each other. As they all finally come to understand that itís the people with the closest relationship to one that can and cause the most damage, they must each rethink the nature of their friendship and decide whether forgiveness, and tolerance and understanding of one anotherís weaknesses comprise the optimal choice for them.

By allowing us to peek into the lives of these three women, lives fraught with challenges and difficulties, tragedy and love, and marked by the struggle for authentic happiness and intimacy, this novel in an engaging and dynamic fashion offers the reader a profound vision of the true meaning of friendship.





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