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2013 Catalog


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2013 Catalog


Love Thy Sister Watch Thy Back, What would you do if you found out that your best friend was sleeping with your man? And all your other girlfriends' men as well? What would you do if one of your friends murdered your best friend? How would you handle a situation when the people you trust and depend on most betray you in the most horrific and terrifying way? What if it all finally got to you?
Well, meet Sasha the high-powered sex crazed attorney, Sandra the single welfare mother, Kayla the perfectionist with a past, Karen the meek vulnerable one, and Charmaine the Lesbian. All five ladies had a bond that was seemingly unbroken until greed, envy, jealously and men came between them. Journey with them to their surprising destination where lives are changed forever and to Love Thy Sister, takes on a whole new meaning when you must also Watch Thy Back.

Envy of the World, Cose
In a book of rare candor and vitality, the revered journalist and national best selling author of The Rage of a Privileged Class probes the daunting circumstances and ambivalent attitudes of black men in today's America... more


Effectual Prayer, Daughtry
This book is designed to be a practical guide for how to pray effectively as well as increasing the general knowledge of the Bible and the principle of life that allows one to live abundantly - consistent with the will of God. more

Across Time: Love Eternal, Harp
Across Time: Love Eternal is a Historical Science Fiction Adventure of epic proportions, with multiethnic characters. It is a love story, which lasts across the very depths of time.  more


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4 Addicted, Zane
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