A Journey to Hell and Back
by Charlotte Russell Johnson
(ISBN 193152713X)

Charlotte Russell Johnson shared her story in a way that was simultaneously provocative and reaffirming! She carried her readers on a well-orchestrated journey with many interweaves of truisms that concern this earthly existence. It is difficult to imagine a person's ability to come away from "A Journey to Hell and Back" without asking the existential question - "What is the meaning of Life?" Surely, Ms. Johnson caused this reader to reexamine the question, and to reckon with the power of the human will to survive. However, Ms. Johnson moved a step beyond survival. She has PREVAILED!! She prevailed beyond her overwhelming yearn for acceptance that this reader sensed throughout her story.
Charlotte Russell Johnson's story is like a nightmare. It reminds this reader of a child's sudden awakening from a nightmare, and the child finds that his mother is there, saying all those appropriate things, like "it is going to be okay, I am here, hold my hand". And when Ms. Johnson awoke from her nightmare, she found God there, and realized that He was there all the time. He was reassuring to her that she would be okay and that she is His child, and thereby, meeting the greatest acceptance of all. Yes, Charlotte Johnson has been to hell. However, more importantly, she came back. Just as the great Shirley Caesar frequently says, "if there is a way in, then there is a way out." If you are not sure, just think about Calvary.


Reviewer: James L McTyre Jr from Columbus, Georgia United States