Seaburn Publishes Controversial Book in Greece


ΜΗΝ ΚΛΕΙΝΕΙΣ ΤΟ ΒΙΒΛΙΟ (Don't Close the Book)
ISBN: 1-59232-023-6

The story of Aikaterina touched me immensely after I visited her school as a guest speaker in the city of Thessaloniki Greece...
Sam Chekwas, publisher of Seaburn Books

Custody battles between parents is not a new phenomenon. Often times, when relationships go astray, both parents with children would resolve differences and formulate ways to share custody of the children... but that was not the case with Aikaterina's father whose battle to rescue and protect his child took epic proportions in Greece a few summer ago.

MIN KLEISNEIS TO BIBLIO... (DON'T CLOSE THE BOOK) is a play written by Aikaterina Koutsoulieri, the child at the center of the rift.

Her inspirational and heart wrenching story is one for the ages. She writes about her dreams and aspirations and her fear of loosing her father who she loved more than anyone else.


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Sam Chekwas surrounded by Aikaterina and her classmates in Thessaloniki (Salonika) Greece