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Drama Lovers Join the Most Dangerous Church in America



Mega church New Testament Cathedral in Los Angeles, California is considered by many to be the most dangerous church in America. Readers canít seem to get enough of the ordained Queen of Mean, Pastor Samantha Cleaveland. Come Sunday Morning, When Sunday Comes Again and The Last Sunday (Release Date October 29, 2013) are the novels by Terry E. Hill that comprise the novels of the Sunday Morning Trilogy.
The book series chronicles the decadent lives of Pastors Hezekiah and Samantha Cleaveland which includes wealth, fame, jealousy, a gay love triangle and murder. Come Sunday Morning was selected by the members of the Sankofa Literary Society, a national association of book clubs, for their 2012 Top Five Best Fiction List. When Sunday Comes Again made the AALBC 2013 Best Seller List.
The line between fiction and reality is blurred making it difficult to determine if the books are fiction or reality. Itís all too easy to imagine the main character, Pastor Samantha Cleaveland, in the pulpit of any church in the country delivering the Sunday morning sermon.
Hezekiah is the charismatic pastor. His wife, Samantha, is beautiful and ruthlessly ambitious and the actual driving force behind their ministry. Her ambition and greed leaves a trail of enemies and dead bodies in her wake. The power couple is building a new 25,000 seat mega-church which Samantha is determined to take over even at the expense of her husbandís life.
Hill is the product of the Los Angeles church scene which makes the books that much more believable. They are filled with juicy insider details and ecclesiastical secrets that leave the reader wondering what parts of the stories are fiction and what parts are true.


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