In My Sista's Shoes

by Tlynn Valentine

Enaz Publications






My thought about this book is very positive, the way the sista wrote it to appeal to the soul of the Black Sista's who is going throu quite a lot in the community; trying to balance love, life and family.


Love is for one another... Sex with love - romance and most times lust is a good thing in our lives. Money that we wish for and the success that comes along with it is a universal desire o all women.

In this journey Sista’s find their way back home where it all began. Meanwhile, dealing with the lost of loved ones, battling new situations and moving past old ones; this is a tale of reality and the world we live in, circumstances we face, while still having a good time smiling in each others faces but crying inside. Does anyone ever tell the secrets we really face day to day? Or do we hold them in out of fear of being judged by our peers? 


A book that will open your eyes to the inner feelings of the Black woman.

by Cehrice J.      

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