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Hoodsweet by Isiko Cooks


The long awaited novel is finally here and the street are buzzing. Isiko who remains incarcerated has penned two novels that will earn him a place in the urban genre. His devotion and determination seems to have paid off after the publisher was convinced that there was interest in a book full of sex, murder and deceit.

"The days were getting shorter, the nights longer; he could feel the crispness of fall descending in the cooling air, signaling winter. Everything around Milo was starting to slow down - to take it easy – slumber, in preparation for winter rest. Everything seemed to avail its heaviness. Without the illusion of summer’s heat and dancing hot feet, the heaviness of what fell on the street could be seen in the waning light. A distant horn marked its urgency to get home. Off these streets, laden with the coming night and all that entailed. The mystery of night was descending quickly and heavily to erase the eve of evening."

It was amazing to Milo that this street, graveled with jagged black rock, stood under the weight of life poured onto it so mercilessly. The unbinding toil of human enterprise and demise soaked this black rock with its tears, sweat, and blood. There was the never ending crossing, sliding, dipping and rising on and from this strewn gravel....

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