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Meet Harrine Freeman

Harrine Freeman


Author of How To Get Out Debt: Get an "A" Credit Rating for Free
Harrine Freeman is an energetic speaker, author, personal finance expert, and article writer because she was once in $19,000 in debt making $21,000 a year and was able to get out of debt without filing for bankruptcy. She is also the CEO and owner of H.E. Freeman Enterprises which provides credit repair services to help people restore their credit rating. She has provided credit repair and debt management seminars to various audiences such as FedEx.
Our Interview
What was your inspiration for writing How To Get Out of Debt?

I got into debt when I was in college.  I got approved for my first credit card and then kept signing up for more credit cards ending up with a total of 13 credit cards. I wanted to help others so they don't make the same

mistakes I did.

Tell us about your book

My book provides step by step details on how to repair your credit and how to get out of debt.  The book provides information on repossessions, judgements, tax liens, divorce, collections and delinquent debts.  The book also provides information on how to create your own flexible spending plan and how to maintain your good credit, resource information listed, sample letters and spending plan worksheets. 
Your website provides a lot of information for visitors.  Describe your services and how patrons can expect to benefit thereof?

I assist my clients with restoring their good credit and helping them develop better spending habits and money management skills so they don't make the same mistakes and can continue to maintain their good credit.
Tell us how long you've been writing and what made you get into the literary field.

I have been writing since 2002. I received a sales postcard in the mail asking to take a test to see if you are a writer. I passed the test and then enrolled in several writing courses.

When you wrote How To Get Out of Debt, how many hours a week did you devote to writing, including research?

I did about six months of research. I bought several books on personal finance as well as books on writing, marketing and publishing. I wrote every day for about 3 to 4 hours for approximately 6 months.
How do you keep a balance between family, work and writing?

It is very difficult, they are never enough hours in the day but I enjoy writing so I don't mind sometimes losing sleep to do it.
Have you ever experienced writer's block, and if so, how did you deal with it so you could begin to write again?

No, I have never experienced writer's block.  I get ideas all during the day and night and have to keep a pad of paper with me to jot down my notes, sometimes I even write my notes on napkins.
Are you devoted to writing nonfiction books or do you see yourself writing in another genre at some point in the future?

For now I am devoted to writing nonfiction books. I have a lot of other ideas for books that I wish to complete, once I complete those I may decide to delve into fiction books.
Are you working on new material? If so, please tell us about what you are currently working on and when we can expect to see it on the market?

I have written a children's book and a self help book for women and girls.  The self help book for women and girls should be out sometime next year. I also started writing my autobiography to provide inspiration to others who have experienced difficult situations in their life.
Do you have any appearances planned?

I just had a book signing at Walden Books on September 1, 2007, I will be

on WOKB 1600 AM, The Alliance Report on September 5, 2007 at 11:00 am , I will be on the Valder Beebe Show on September 8th at 10:00 am , I will also be doing a book signing on September 28, 2007 at the Congressional Black Caucus Authors Pavilion. I will also be doing a book signing at B. Dalton Book in Washington DC near the end of
October 2007.
What would you like to see happen in your writing career 5-10 years from now?

I would like to be a nationally known writer and speaker. I would like to have 5 New York Times best sellers.
Do you have a newsletter, if so, where interested persons sign up?


Yes I sent out a free monthly newsletter.  Persons who wish to sign up can go to
Where can we purchase your book?

My book is available for purchase at Borders, Walden Books, Barnes & Noble, A Good Book,,
What last words of encouragement or advice would you like to leave with our subscribers?

You don't have to be in debt for the rest of your life, you can get out. The only way to change your financial situation is to change your spending habits and the way you think about money.  Money can generate wealth or generate debt, you make the choice.

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