Publisher: ENAZ

ISBN: 159232181X
Price: 15.00

Pages: 144
Publication Date: July 2009

After seeing her in concert, Amanda Ray (16) loves all things Kendra Star! Like Kendra, Amanda is determined to get a record deal. However, an altercation with a neighbor over her notebook lands her in the Albany Detention Center. Still feeling a connection to Kendra Star and taking the advice of her counselor, Amanda takes a break from writing rhymes to write Kendra. Weeks pass and not only doesn’t Amanda receive mail from Kendra Star, she doesn’t receive a single letter from anyone; disappointment sets in. Amanda’s behavior, like her high hopes of getting a letter from Kendra, starts spiraling downwards fast!  Amanda spends more time in trouble than writing in her notebook. Eventually, Kendra writes back. In the letters Amanda finds out that she and Kendra are two of a kind.  However, more importantly, Kendra Star encourages Amanda to look within herself for strength and energy.




About the Author:

Tachelle Shamash Wilkes hails from Brownsville, Brooklyn. She is founder of, a movement dedicated to empowering women in the music industry. She is a high school teacher who rallies around hip hop and healing infused education.  Through she co-founded one of the first all female turntablist competitions, She’s My Dj and later produced and directed the documentary Lady Beat Makers: Vol 1, which won her an Impact of Women in Hip Hop Award from the Hip Hop Culture Center located in Harlem.



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